Deal Alert – Zeblade Crystal on sale for $45.99

Gearbest, the eccomerce giant is hosting a grand sale of Zeblaze Crystal. The watch which was selling for $55 is now selling for just $45.99 in a flash sale for a limited time. There are in total 20 watches daily and you can get one by just pressing Buy Now at the offer page here.

Zeblaze-Crystal_11 (Custom)

Zeblaze Crystal, although internally not very different from any other smartwatch out there, has a very appealing and pleasing design on the exterior. With sleek looks and smooth curves, the Crystal is very-well one of the best designed smartwatches out there. The mere looks of the smartwatch starting from the Design language, to the UI and the watch straps scream luxury. Still, the watch is being offered at a very affordable price of $55, and now $45.99 on Gearbest!

Gearbest is offering 20 Crystal Smartwatches everyday on for $45.99! While checkout use the Coupon ‘GBZC’ to avail the offer if it didn’t auto apply. So, why should you by this Smartwatch? Well, as mentioned, the Zeblaze Crystal is one of the best designed smartwatches that actually feels like a fashion accessory. The Zeblaze Crystal also offers a lot of functionalities. Some of the major features include, a heart-rate monitor, sleep tracking, IP65 water resistance and more.


Internally the Zeblaze Crystal is powered by the MediaTek MTK2502 SOC which has 128MB RAM. The MTK2502 supports Bluetooth 4.0 LE which means the Crystal should last longer.

Software features like Find my Phone, or Find my Watch, remote camera shutter, push notifications from connected phone, notifications for calls and many more are available.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Zeblade Crystal has a Curved 3D glass on the face of the watch which not only adds to the look of the device but also the feel when using the smartwatch.

If you want to pick up the Zeblade Crystal, you can do so by clicking on the button below.


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