Galaxy Note 5 – The Wait is over!


So after the long wait and after the whole series of rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 gets launched. Whether you are a fan boy or not (I am not: P) you have to agree that it looks beautiful. The outside of the Galaxy Note 5 is much similar to the Galaxy S6 with an all metal and glass body and it’s much thinner than the Note 4. One disadvantage is that it is very slippery in hand.

Note 5 (Pic by MKBHD)
Note 5 (Pic by MKBHD)


The specs also look very impressive with an Octa-Core Exynos 7240 chip, 4 GB of RAM, 5.7 inch Super AMOLED 2560x1440p resolution display and an impressive 16 MP camera (F/1.9) with image stabilization! Running this bad boy up is a 3000 mAH battery with fast and wireless charging. It also has NFC Advanced and Wi-Fi 802.11 AC.

But sadly, the back is not removable and therefore the battery is sealed inside and we don’t have micro SD card expansion as well.

The Improved S-Pen

The S-Pen is improved every year with some added features. In this year’s S-Pen, you might think, well How to get it out? This S-Pen has a clicking button on it by which you can take it out of the device.

It still has the button as usual and the multi-level sensitivity but it has been improved in the usable side (I mean the software side: P) The MENU looks much cleaner and stylish and what’s more? You can even take out the stylus when the screen is off and start writing. It helps a lot in emergency situations. Put the S-Pen back and the screen goes off.


This includes the slippery back, non expandable storage and the non removable battery. The all Glass body may also be a disappointment for some people.

Note 5 Back (Pic By MKBHD)
Note 5 Back (Pic By MKBHD)

The Galaxy S6 Edge +

Same design of the S6 Edge but with the improved specs of the Note 5 along with the screen size (Yes 5.7 inch!)


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