Now you can buy paid apps from Google Play starting at Rs. 10


Google has decreased the minimum price of an app from Rs. 50 to Rs. 10 today. As India continues to be a huge area of growth for the company, Google wanted to be sure to new audiences were able to be reached. As Android becomes more popular in the country, the demand for apps continues to grow as well. Developers can now reduce the price of both their apps, and in-app purchases to help reach a larger audience.

Google developers Page posted –

India Continues to be a major growth opportunity for developers to reach new audiences on Google Play. With the rising popularity of Android devices in the country, we want to make sure users get That access to the apps and games They Love. Today, we’re announcing That developers can reduce the price of Their premium titles and in-app products to as low as Rs. 10. If you want to adjust the prices of your apps or in-app products for users in India, select an app and click Pricing & Distribution or In-app Products on the left menu in the Google Play Developer Console.


Even though we searched a lot but couldn’t find any app worth Rs. 10. If a dev updates the price of his app, we will surly update it her.


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