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Today, Apart from launching the Yu Yuphoria handset on Tuesday, Micromax subsidiary Yu Televentures also launched the YuFit fitness tracking band. It will be available at Rs. 999, and will go on sale in first week of June. The company also unveiled another health-centric accessory called the HealthYu, which costs Rs. 4,999 and will go on sale in June as well.

At the price, the YuFit fitness tracking band takes on the Xiaomi Mi Band that was recently launched in India at the same price. However, it brings several features in addition, giving some stiff competition to the popular Chinese manufacturer. Connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth, it is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.
The design of the band is pretty similar to Xiaomi Mi band. It has the same sized module which curves on the side and the strap also looks alike. At the launch, it was seemed like we aren’t in a Micromax’s launch but rather a anti-Mi launch. A lot of times, Micromax and Xiaomi have teased each other but they never did to this extent. Yu YuFit has a lot of features which look inspired by Goqii Fitness band.

YuFit band at the left and MI Band’ band at the Right

The YuFit band comes alongside the YuFit app (made in collaboration with HealthifyMe), and together users get such features as step tracking, sleep tracking, distance walked, and calories burnt. The app also lets users track how many calories they have consumed, with its database also including Indian snacks and dishes. The smartband also features a display that shows the time, apart from notifying users about incoming calls and messages.

Features of YuFit

  • Wireless wristband with Display
  • Supported by a dedicated app
  • Helps set ‘Daily Goals’
  • Alter plans with ‘My Plan’ feature
  • Unified interface
  • ‘Do not disturb’ slots on the app for the band
  • Mounted LCD display to notify incoming calls
  • Integrated 24 x 7 guidance from fitness experts

The YuFit is priced at Rs. 999. First 1000 users will get a free personal trainer. YuFit will be available for purchase next month through the official website yuplaygod.com.

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