Redmi Note 4G Now available on Overcart

LinkedIn is known for selling gadgets which are either unboxed or refurbished at a much lesser price. It works with leading e-commerce companies and manufacturers. Overcart now is adding Redmi Note 4G to its range of offerings from the Xiaomi family. Characterized as “Refurbished” or “Unboxed”, the devices will be available at a priceof Rs.7999/- for refurbished devices and Rs.8499/- for the unboxed ones. The devices will be covered under a six-month manufacturer warranty from Xiaomi. The sale will start at 2.00pm on 27th April and is now available for Pre-Order

Overcart Redmi Note


Saptarshi Nath, Managing Director, said, “We continue to be blown away by the speed at which Xiaomi devices sell out.  Based on feedback from our customers, we have allocated a certain portion of this batch to preorders.  Customers can book their units right away if they’d rather not wait until sale date.”


Overcart is the first brand in India to have tapped the ‘unboxed’ and ‘refurbished’ products space in an organised way. Products that are ordered from an ecommerce platform are returned to the manufacturer under return policy after unboxing to various reasons.These are  rendered unmarketable and usually pile up with the manufacturer. However, these products are virtually new or have minor issues which can beaddressed.These excess, unboxed and refurbished unboxed products are offered on at significant discounts after a thorough quality check.

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