Samsung Galaxy S6 Real Gold priced at 10,000$ Released today


After the massive launch of the Samsung galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung is finally released the Gold edition of Samsung galaxy S6. According to Samsung the frame of the phone is made up of gold and is scratch and water-resistant. It has Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on top as well as on bottom with a non bulging camera. Samsung has improved by pushing the camera inside the body. Dr Kwon (Chairman of Samsung ltd) showed how they have removed the bulging camera. He took a Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold, took a hammer and just punched the camera 2 times by the hammer. We didn’t really expected that but it looks a great innovation. Samsung has done a  great innovation over apple finally. The gold it has is of 5,000$ and the rest 5,000$ will be used in maintaing their service centers in Yoganda.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold has some great specs as well as great weight. Yes we keept it on scale, the scale shows 3.5KG. This will be the most innovative as well as most heavy phone in the market. The drawback of the phone is, it may cause you trouble in flight as you are not allowed to take something more heavy than 5KG. According to Samsung the phone is for the luxury market and wrestlers. Samsung also showed us some uses of the phone like,

  1. Using it as a brick.
  2. Using it as a short-put.
  3. Using it to knock Off a guy.
  4. Using it as paper-weight.
  5. Using it to clean your Rocks.
  6. Using it  as a iPhone stand.

We were highly impressed after seeing all this and wanted to try it out. We did a hands On session and tried to use it as a brick. You know what? It is perfect, It was with same density and strength which a brick should have. It is one of the most innovative gold brick ever.




It has a Snapdragon 10 in it coupled with 15MB RAM. It has 7MB internal memory and sadly it is not expandable. But who needs Memory if you have wifi! Ohh sorry, it does not has wifi but has Sim functionality. It has 1/4G Connection which means you can get blazing fast 0.5b/s. It has a 13 Pixels camera, we thought it has 13 Mega Pixels but Samsung Re Confirmed that it has 13 Pixels Camera which can get you a sharp and crisp pictures. It also has a front camera/ mirror in which you can see yourself.

The brick, sorry the phone will go on sale from tomorrow. Do let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.


Hey you reading? k then You just became a Fool :p Happy april fools day. I hope my physics teacher was also making us april fool when he said to do an assignment, or maybe not. So i am going to complete that assignment till then read our other posts and keep smiling. 🙂 😀

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