Microsoft To unveil Windows 9 on Tuesday


Microsoft is about to unveil its new Operating System Windows 9. It is also code-named “Threshold”. The event planned on 30th September might bring the OS infront of the world.

They have chosen such a codename because a certain change in the os will be visible. Moving from the Pc and laptop the system will integrate the laptop-savy people with the mobile users.

The switch also represents a desire to erase the ill will generated by Windows 8, an ambitious attempt to redesign Windows with tablet users in mind, which ended up annoying and confusing the core market of customers who use mouse and keyboards.

Nadella’s slogan is “mobile first, cloud first,” and although he will not be at the San Francisco event – he is traveling in Asia – that theme will be at the fore.

The challenge is to come up with killer apps and services users can’t live without. But for that we will have to wait till 30th Sept.

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