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The moment a guy or a girl get a new smartphone (Mostly Android these days!) the first thought coming to their mind is ‘Fast Internet’ this thought is generally killed by the 3G internet packs which are usually too heavy for the Indian teenagers pockets. Worry no more! Here are a few easy hacks to make your 2G browsing and downloading a bit less painful. Fist step is to understand this things wont give your 2G EDGE lightening fast speed, these tricks are a result experience of years of android usage. Everyone has to understand no single browser can fulfil all your needs, you have to use a bunch of applications to make the browsing life a bit more happy.

App #1 Opera Mini This is the lightest browser available on the playstore. Opera Mini has seen more than 100 million downloads on the Playstore where 3,161,265 users have given an average rating of 4.4 stars. The app stands out from the crowd of browsers due to

# Light weight and easy on the RAM (RAM usage makes a great deal for everyone using a low budget smartphone)

# Low data usage(Remember  when you had 200 Mb left and had  nearly two more weeks before your pocket money arrive)

# Simple and smooth

# Omnibar

When you start to feel that this browser can do it all, it fails. Downloading through Opera is like pulling a Merc E 350 by bulls. Weird, and impractical. The downloads fail and when they don’t, they take time a lot more than usual.

App #2 Dolphin Browser. The app has seen more than 10 million downloads and 1,878,332 users have given an average rating of  4.6 stars.
Browsing through Dlophin is a bit more complicated as you have to drag to options bubble to some place else to see the options but  this app takes the damn cake when it come to downloading and live streaming videos.
Personally I have downloaded GBs of single .zips without a single failure.

App #3 and App #4 come in handy like nothing else when the case is you get internet for a limited amount of time.  These apps are wonderful in downloading and pausing and again starting the download the next time you get the internet. These apps are UC Browser and ES Explorer’s Download Manager.

There are other wonderful browsers such as Google  Chrome  or Mozilla Firefox  and downloaders such as ATorrent Downloader or UTorrent’s official Client but these are not mentioned just because I wanted the article to be useful for my readers with low budget  Android devices.

Hope this helps everyone! Happy Downloading Technokick Readers, may God bless you will less forcecloses! 😛

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What Is MDM And Does Your Business Need It?



The most important aspect of any business is the data each company holds that will allow them to become a better company as time moves forward. The data held can often be spread across multiple databases, paper records, and the documents held by different departments within your company. If you are looking to take your data to the next level, you should be looking to understand the Gartner master data management system that allows all your records to be held in a single location. Whether you choose to place your data in the Cloud or on your server, Gartner explains the most important choices you need to make are how will you avoid overlaps and inaccuracies in your records through your Master Data Management.

What is MDM?

This is the first question you will be asked when you step into the office of your CEO and tell them of the need to invest in this technology. One of the toughest questions you will be asked is what exactly MDM is and how can we benefit from the investment in this technology. Master Data Management is a system where the data your company holds will be compared and collated to ensure the accuracy of the information you are holding is as high as possible. Data Quality Pro explains the success of Master Data Management processes has been growing over the last few years with those who get the most from the process of identifying a problem and looking for the best way of solving it.

Examples of Master Data Management

When you are being questioned about whether your company needs Gartner Master Data Management applications there are multiple ways of looking at the work being done at different levels to improve the work of your business.

Any company that has separate sales and distribution departments should already have been investing in MDM because these companies will see a major benefit to the success of their business. The first point of contact for most clients is the sales team who they will call when they have problems or want to place an order. One of the most common issues seen in sales environments is a change of address, phone number, or other contact information being reported to the sales team but not to the distribution center. Using MDM means your technology will be able to scan the latest information and update all aspects of your data to reflect the latest information your company has for all individuals to enjoy.

Improve Customer Experience

The customer experience is vital to all companies who are hoping to bring about a change in the way they interact with their clients. If you are hoping to avoid the problems with client data that can cause long-term issues to your relationship with any customer, you should be investing in Gartner Master Data Management software.

There is little more annoying for a customer than having to repeatedly update their information because a business is still using paper records or has not linked the data stored by a different department. BizTech Magazine reports the best in MDM software will be able to link to a Cloud-based service to allow the company to make the most of their time and facilitate a positive transfer of data. There are already impressive templates used by Gartner and other companies that can provide an excellent starting point for storing and transferring data within and outside a business.

Gaining a Business Advantage

In an era when the customer experience is becoming increasingly important, MDM is playing an important role for businesses of all sizes and types. Making the same mistakes as have been seen in the past is no longer an option at a time when customers will quickly take their business to another company if they become annoyed with continual mistakes. By working with a professional master data management company, the success you will find will be magnified as you move forward with your business in a new environment of accuracy.

The global nature of business and the continued increase in online sales means your business could struggle to store and manage customer data from all over the world. However, by integrating MDM into your business you will find you have a better chance of providing the customer service most customers hope to see as they move through transactions with your business.

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[ How to ] Return Apps once Purchased from the Mac App Store



There may be a time when you think an App is really nice but when you actually buy it and use it, you find it with a heck load of bugs or maybe it is no longer functional for you. For this apple has made a procedure where you can ask for a return of the App and hence getting your money back.

However, Apple has not made it simple but rather a really difficult task. I will try to show you how to do is as Simple as possible. So here are the steps:

How to Request for Refunds for Mac Apps which you bought


Step 1: You need to go to this link – and it will open your app purchase history directly inside iTunes Software. If you are not able to click on this link or maybe that’s not working for you then, open iTunes on your Mac and choose

 Store -> View Account

Next click See All under the Purchase history section to see all your recent app purchases.


Step 2: Now Click the “Report a Problem” link available against all your recent app purchases( near the price text). If the Mac app is not listed in your recent purchased list, click the little grey arrow to expand the order that contains your app and click the Report a Problem link against that app that you are looking to refund.




Step 3: After that, it will redirect you the website in your default browser which is a sub website of Apple itself and here you have to specify the reason for requesting a refund for the app. You are more likely to choose “I didn’t authorize the purchase” or “Item functions but doesn’t work as expected” and describe the exact issue you are experiencing with the app.


mostly the app is eligible for a refund, If the app is eligible for an immediate refund, you’ll see a “Request Refund” button right away and the refund will be processed in 5 to 7 days. In case not,  someone from the Apple support team will contact you within 48 hours via the email address associated with this Apple ID to resolve your request.

Well that was this simple, I hope it would have helped you. Do let me know if it worked for you or not.

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iOS App of the week: Evernote Penultimate For iPad



Considering the large iPad screen and constant nagging of Indian parents about being doing something or the other with it, a lot of developers have made a lot of writing applications. Few are usable and seldom are free.

Wipe up the sweat on your forehead, if you have an iPad and looking for some applications to make your iPad more student friendly I have something that will blow your minds. What do we ( TechnoKick people ) want in return? We want love and to be a bookmark in your browser. Getting to the point, the app we are talking about is Evernote Penultimate which is available at the App Store for download (26.4 mb)

This review will not be just words prasing some sponsored application. We at TechnoKick believe in making your lives easy and not in making them more messier. 

Here we go,


I. The app will start up asking you to register to the Evernote server, make an account with them and go ahead (nice human beings from Evernote will not spam your inbox) 

II. The app ask you to create a new note book. Go ahead and do so. 


III. This is how a notebook will look go ahead and touch the new page and select the paper type you want. 

From now on, less words and more action. The screenshot are self-explanatory. 


This is how a new ruled page will look, if you plan on taking dictations on your device like I do, pinch out with two fingers on the page, two rectangles will appear. The smaller one will decide where your writing will appear and the larger one is the magnification of the smaller one where you will write.

There is a play icon in the magnified rectangle, that make the canvas move forward without lifting you hand.



And a little investment in a stlyus will save you a lot on buying stationary. 



This is a stylus I found at a local store (Nagpur) for ₹100. 

This is it. The best free writing tool for iOS. Please leave a comment, we love criticism at TechnoKick and if you like the out of the box review, please share and help out others. 

This is Tejas Anjankar, signing off. 

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