iPhone 6 all you need to know

It has been 8 months since last iPhone released and a lot of people are waiting for the new iPhone. iPhone 6 will release on 19 of September and will be available to customers on 25th of September this year. The most astonishing thing is that there will be two different models of iPhone one will be of screen size 5.5 inch and other will be of 4.7 inches. The phone will be much bigger as compared to pervious iphones.

iPhone 6 has a elegant design, it has curves on the sides and is the slimmest iPhone ever. It has the same thickness as it is on iPod 4th gen. The 4.7 inch iPhone looks more like the authentic iPhone whereas the 5.5 inch iPhone looks like a iPad mini though.

Specs aren’t yet confirmed but as rumer’ed ,
It will have a A8 processor with 3 GB of RAM. A retina display and the same touch sensor that was in iPhone 5S. It is also said that it will have a unbreakable screen.
IPhone 6 price will start around 944 USD of a 16gb version (4.7 inch) and will go up to 1167 USD for a 64gb (5.5 inch)

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