How to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy S9+ [No Root]

Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best phones available in the market. It has the flagship specs, great camera and one of the best displays a phone ever had. Fortnite, A battle royal game which has been very popular on iOS devices was also launched for S9. The S9 gives the best fortnite experience […]

Zenfone Max 2016 review – A vital upgrade

Last year Asus unveiled the Asus Zenfone Max at their Zen festival, later it was available in the market. Asus created a battery oriented phone but it was good in only that sector, things like the performance, camera weren’t up to the date with the competition; So now in 2016, Asus has a launched a […]

How to take a screenshot on Vivo V3 and view it

So you have finally bought the new ViVo V3 but when you try to take a screenshot, you find out that the usual method isn’t working. So today I will tell you three different ways of taking a screenshot on Vivo V3.   Take a screenshot on Vivo V3 Method 1 TheĀ first and the easiest […]