How to – Root OnePlus 3 with Mac

We recently posted a guide on how to root a OnePlus 3. A lot of people wanted to know How to root OnePlus 3 with Mac. So I researched a bit and found out its even simplar. So I will be showing you a guide on how you can root you new OnePlus 3 with […]

[ How to ] Return Apps once Purchased from the Mac App Store

There may be a time when you think an App is really nice but when you actually buy it and use it, you find it with a heck load of bugs or maybe it is no longer functional for you. For this apple has made a procedure where you can ask for a return of […]

7 Operating System Errors & Troubleshoot Methods

No matter what operating system you use, viewing error codes on the screen is common. These errors are usually caused by either a hardware or a software breakdown. Technical glitches can happen at any time; the only risk is that they put data at stake. Some of these are easy to fix as a simple […]

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review – The Best one!

We all have been in this situation where we mistakenly or unknowingly delete important data. This can be files of some office work, old pictures of a trip you took with your girlfriend or just cute pictures of cats you downloaded from the internet, any data that you really want to keep and gets destroyed […]

Use your old phone as a security Camera for FREE!

Most of us have our old phone lying in some drawer which we aren’t using. What if you can use it to record your room or your garage that too without any accessory or any paid app? Today I would be showing you a way by which you can use your old phone as a […]

How to – Root OnePlus 3 without PC in 5 minutes

So now that you have bought the OnePlus 3 it is the time to awaken the flasher in you and flash a custom ROM, but for that you need to have root access to your phone. So today we will tell you how to Root OnePlus 3 without PC in 5 mins. We will be […]

Top 5 Laptops under $300 April 2016

Laptops nowadays are very necessary to one’s life. Be it a school work, office work or just for you home, Today we will tell you Top 5 Laptops under $300 US dollars. These Top 5 Laptops under $300 April 2016 are handpicked with keeping in mind every possible use including gaming, Yes, you can game […]

Kingston R3.0 G2 Rugged Pendrive review

Often we leave our pen drives in our pocket and send our jeans to the laundry, Personally, it has happened to me three times and all three times my data was lost. So I started searching for a waterproof pendrive and I stumbled upon this. Kingston R3.0 G2 rugged pendrive. Kingston R3.0 Review Design and […]

Quantum USB HUB Unboxing and Review

If you ever ask a geek about an essential thing of his PC, he will mostly say the USB slots, USB slots are one of the most important parts of any gadget nowadays, You have them in tablets, mobiles, laptops and what not. It may be a time when you get into a shortage of […]