How to – Screen record on OnePlus 7t


OnePlus 7t is one of the most talked phone nowadays. Even though not really a budget phone now, It offers quite a lot of stuff for the price. The large 90-hertz display, the actual usable triple camera setup and the dash charging. All is just making the OnePlus 7T is a great buy. So now that you have bought an excellent phone, let us discuss how to do some basic tasks. One of them is screen recording.

Today we are going to see how you can use this performance to your its maximum by creating video content on it. To do so you will need a screen recorder app to show the activity you are doing. Whether you are making a tutorial for an app or you want to record your PUBG or Fortnite gameplay, this tutorial will help you to record your screen in full HD on your OnePlus 7T. I will be recording a video showing my use of  Wikipedia. First, we will show you the easiest method, then we will also show how you can access it and share it. Later we will also show you how you can edit the video you just made.

Today we will see how you can screen record on OnePlus 7t. Along with this we will also see how we can view the video captured by it as well as how to edit it if we want to. So here we go-

screen record on Oneplus 7t

Screen Recording on OnePlus 7T

Method 1

  1. Go to Playstore and search for AZ Screen recorder or just click here.
  2. Install it and open it on your OnePlus.
  3. It will ask for permission, grant it.
  4. Now you will get a floating circle on the left side of your screen of the 7T. Just press the Red button which has a Video Camera Icon. Refer to the image below-
    screen record on Oneplus 7t
  5. Now once it has started, you can do all the stuff you want to show in your video and to stop it, You need to pull down the notification bar and press the stop icon on it.
  6. Now you will get a pullout with the video, to save it just simply touch the back button on your OnePlus and that’s it.

screen record on Oneplus 7t

How to View your Screen Recording on OnePlus 7t

  1. Go to the gallery
  2. There should be a folder by name A-Z if not it could be inside the Collections folder.
  3. Now from here, You can either view it or share it across different platforms like Whatsapp or Youtube.

How to – Edit the screen record on Oneplus 7t

  1. Go to Playstore and download this app called Quik.
  2. This app is made by GoPro and I feel like it is the best app to edit any type of video.
  3. Now select your video and start editing it!

7T is an excellent phone and Screen recording on it is very easy.

Were you able to record the screen of your phone? Let us know in the comment section below 😀

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