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PlayFit Smart Band – The best Fitness Band in the market?



Recently Play, an Indian brand which focuses primarily on wearable tech and accessories launched its two new products, The PlayGo which is a bluetooth headset and the PlayFit which is an activity tracker/smart band. So we got a chance to review the smart band and here it is. We will be discussing various aspects like design, build, software, accuracy, battery life etc.

PlayFit Smart Band Review


Design and build

A watch is as important as any other apparel one would wear. This one looks much better than any other smart band in this price range. Kudos to PlayFit design team for inculcating ritzy neon green stripes with a gentle grey accent. The rubber material used is flexible and fits nicely on hand. The belt has 15 slits which should be enough to suit most hands. It’s lite and compact form does favour a distraction-free workout session

Coming to the front, it has a Colored touchscreen display spanning 0.98-inches diagonally. This display felt small for our liking. Another pain point is the outdoor legibility, which is a major miss here. You have to hover your hand to view the screen contents, which is rather stone age-ish at this point. Even the display was hasty to go dark, which was always annoying. But on the flip side, this might aid a better battery life. We also appreciate the fact that the device is IP68 Dust and Waterproof certified.


Even though we would wish to have android wear in the smart bands someday, the PlayFit comes with its own custom UI. The UI makes the full use of the coloured display by having every item coloured differently. we really enjoyed the UI though sometimes navigating between the different screen was not easy. There are a limited number of watch faces, 4 to be exact with 2 of them being just a change in colour. The default watch face is the only one which we really liked. In the default screen, if you tap once you will get the heart rate, then the steps and then calories.

While if you swipe from the top, you will get a menu with different screens which include the notifications. Speaking of notification, PlayFit syncs your call and smartphone app notifications on its display along with vibration alert. These are some of the apps it support – SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn, Email, Calendar, Skype, etc. In our testing, certain features like the remote camera access didn’t work as advertised. There is an option to control the music navigation from the wrist band itself. However, it works with selected apps like Google Play Music only. No support for Spotify, it seems! All that said, a fitness band will still get our approval if it does well where it’s supposed to. Here’s how it performs on fitness grounds. There is also an option of more options in which you have settings like lift-up display, camera, alarm etc.

Overall the UI is great and the UX is also very user-friendly. Even for people who are not really tech-savvy.


The device is compatible with android (4.4 & above) & iOS (9.0 & above) devices. It is equipped with Bluetooth version: 4.2. Sorry, No 5th gen here! The pairing is pretty easy using the PlayFit app downloadable from the Google or Apple app store.

Once you sign in to the app, you’ll be welcomed by a pleasing user interface. It presents real-time and progress on 14 activities (which will discuss in the next section), your sleep routine, and your heart’s health. It also exhibits periodic stats of your activities, sleep, and heart health on different useful metrics. There is even an activity logger to custom-meter any activity.


This is where I think this device shines the most. It has more than 10 sport modes like Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball, Football, etc. Now, you may already know that the fitness bands, for the most part, project guesstimates. But, we didn’t understand the lack of swimming mode, even though it has waterproof certification. Further, like many of its peers, it also fails to detect our erratic daytime naps. Similarly, PlayFit 53 confuses vehicle rides for walking, which is also something that cripples other bands. But in all due fairness, the fitness tracking functions accurate enough to be useful. And as aforementioned, it covers every major sports activity. The Sedentary Alert lets you know of your prolonged inactivity.

Battery Life

Play claims that this device would last for more than a week however in our usage, it lasted for little more than 4 days which is average is these bands. Do note that the bluetooth connection was always on and we get a lot more notifications than a standard user. So if you are intending to use it moderately, it might last you for about a week.

Final Verdict

Overall we are very impressed by the device, at this price, It has to compete with some of the veterans in the field like the Mi Band. If the brand continues to provide support and updates, it can easily make a fair share in the fitness bands market.

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PLAY launches three new products under PLAYFIT & PLAYGO on Amazon



New Delhi, 30th September 2019: PLAY, a Delhi based smart wearable and audio technology startup announced the launch of its three new products under PLAYFIT & PLAYGO on Amazon today. Under PLAYFIT the brand has introduced two smartbands- PLAYFIT 21 and PLAYFIT 53. Priced at INR 1299 and 2999 respectively, the smart bands will be available on Amazon during The Great Indian Festival Sale (28th/29th September – 4th October).

Under the PLAYGO series, the brand has announced the launch of N23 wireless neckband earphones. Equipped with 6mm dual drivers and integrated Voice APK for Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa, the earphones will soon be available on Amazon at INR 1,399.

PLAY is on a mission to make technology a ‘delight’, with simplified offerings that enrich a consumer’s daily experiences – making them better and fantastic. A delightful device experience will be central to the brand offering. The brand recently made a debut in India market with the launch of its first product- PLAYFIT SW75 Smartwatch  which is currently available on Flipkart at INR 2,999.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sandeep Banga, CEO & Founder, PLAY said, “We are excited to launch PLAY in the India market. Consumers are showing a growing interest and preference for smart wearable and the audio devices which are helping align their lifestyle towards their interest in the technology. This new-age consumer seeks high quality devices which provide for an enthralling consumer experience. At PLAY, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation and best in class technology to provide a rich and adulatory device experience to our customers”. 

PLAYFIT 21 Fitness Band



PLAYFIT 21 is the practical fitness band for the millennials. Loaded with the latest Nordic nRF52832 Chipset, the PLAYFIT 21 connects through Bluetooth 4.2. With a 0.96” color display, the band is IP68 based water and Dustproof. The Touch Button UI allows users to flip through several features – Heart Rate monitoring, Stopwatch, Pedometer and Sleep Monitoring. Pressing the Touch Button for 2 seconds allows the consumer to get detailed statistics for the specific feature. The dial face is customizable as per your mood and personality. PLAYFIT 21 has retractable straps which also allows you to charge your band via USB power source. The PLAYFIT 21 vibrates to notify you for your SNS alerts and is available in Black, Purple and Blue colors. 

Price: INR 1299 /-; Availability:

PLAYFIT 53 Fitness Band

PlayFit N53

PlayFit N53

The PLAYFIT 53 comes with a premium finish and a dual-tone color scheme. The smart design includes a 2.5D curved glass display along with a full Touch UI that allows the user to scroll through multiple features such as Notifications or Training Mode to name a few. The High Precision Nordic nRF52832 Chipset gives the PLAYFIT 53 an extra edge over its competitors. The 0.96” Color Display lets you track your Heart Rate, Steps (Pedometer) and monitors your Sleep (via App). PLAYFIT 53 has exceptional durability, thanks to the IP68 Dust & Water-resistant rating. It senses hand gestures, enabling the users to click pictures, just by flicking their wrists. PLAYFIT 53 is available in two color tones – sporty Red and Black and a trendy Green and Black.

Price: INR 1999 /-; Availability:

PLAYGO N23 Neckband Earphones

PlayGo N23

PlayGo N23

The N23 is an easy-to-use Bluetooth Neckband with Integrated Voice APK for Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa, ensuring easy and faster pairing with the host device. N23 draws its popularity from the fact that even in the tiny form factor, it houses a dual speaker to give an optimum Bass and Treble audio experience for the consumers. Each earphone has Dual 6mm Drivers offering an enhanced frequency range and life-like sound. And it doesn’t end there, one of the lightest in its category, the N23 weighs only 28gms and still offers up to 20Hrs of Playtime. The same is achieved by using a unique dual-battery design, making the device churn 20 hours of PLAY/talk time on a single charge.

With the Airoha AB1522U chipset [BT 5.0], N23 automatically reconnects to your paired device within a range of 10 meters. Smart design details are evident on the device and the earbuds bond together magnetically when not N23 is not in use.

Price: INR 1,399 /- 

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I5 Plus is a $20 Smartwatch for everyone



The intelligent and multi-functional wristband, i5 Plus is a smart watch easy to use, lightweight, and offers a unique experience. To change the interface you only need to turn your wrist or touch the screen, because the function of custom view 0.91-inch OLED touch screen is capable of displaying 32 large characters. Also with i5 Plus  you can see who is calling and who sent a message, and much more. The bracelet automatically synchronizes data after it is connected with the companion app, Zeroner, and can be calibrated with the same time of the phone. Along with date Sync, the app also includes: Steps, calories and distance calculation. It is also possible to confirm whether the timing of the data is successfully completed on the app. It will take 1-2 minutes to synchronize the data for the first time. The synchronization of the data can also be done manually by clicking the refresh button in the app.


Another function is the Sports tracking that can be used as a tool to prevent the insufficient or excessive exercises, measuring calorie consumption based on the data collected, as the number of steps, distance, speed, time. The i5 Smart Start Plus also has Sleep tracking, which will monitor your sleeps to provide insights on how well you are resting. The I5 Plus also alerts the wearer to sleep or get some exercises every day from 20:00 to 09:00 the band will automatically go into sleep tracking mode. However, you have to manually exit out of sleep mode once you wake up. Once the Smart device comes out of sleep mode, it will automatically return to the time display.


With Remote shutter you can control the camera on your phone to take pictures. Call and remember the message when a call or message is coming, you can control without looking more and your phone. It also has the Sedentary alerts, useful for many employees who are often seated for eight hours or more; the watch is particularly suitable because it bears the function alerts. When you sit down and start working, and select specific working hours. The i5 Plus will automatically send the reminder to alert the owner of the state. Another important feature is “Find your phone” when the function is activated; In fact, the phone will ring or vibrate when the distance between i5 Plus and the phone is kept short.The i5 Plus is only compatible with the following mobile devices: iOS 7.0 or later and Bluetooth 4.0 (so iPhone 4S through 6S, iPod touch 5th Generation). The system will also be compatible to any device running Android 4.3 or later with Bluetooth 4.0 (Samsung S4, Note 3, etc .. ). You can scan the QR to download the app for iOS and Android. You can also use the i5 Plus with Gesture Controls like flicking the wrist or by touching the screen; It supports various languages as well, like German, Italian, English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish.

You can order one at $18.99 (discounted form the regular price of $40), from, in blue, black or red.


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Deal Alert – Zeblade Crystal on sale for $45.99



Gearbest, the eccomerce giant is hosting a grand sale of Zeblaze Crystal. The watch which was selling for $55 is now selling for just $45.99 in a flash sale for a limited time. There are in total 20 watches daily and you can get one by just pressing Buy Now at the offer page here.

Zeblaze-Crystal_11 (Custom)

Zeblaze Crystal, although internally not very different from any other smartwatch out there, has a very appealing and pleasing design on the exterior. With sleek looks and smooth curves, the Crystal is very-well one of the best designed smartwatches out there. The mere looks of the smartwatch starting from the Design language, to the UI and the watch straps scream luxury. Still, the watch is being offered at a very affordable price of $55, and now $45.99 on Gearbest!

Gearbest is offering 20 Crystal Smartwatches everyday on for $45.99! While checkout use the Coupon ‘GBZC’ to avail the offer if it didn’t auto apply. So, why should you by this Smartwatch? Well, as mentioned, the Zeblaze Crystal is one of the best designed smartwatches that actually feels like a fashion accessory. The Zeblaze Crystal also offers a lot of functionalities. Some of the major features include, a heart-rate monitor, sleep tracking, IP65 water resistance and more.


Internally the Zeblaze Crystal is powered by the MediaTek MTK2502 SOC which has 128MB RAM. The MTK2502 supports Bluetooth 4.0 LE which means the Crystal should last longer.

Software features like Find my Phone, or Find my Watch, remote camera shutter, push notifications from connected phone, notifications for calls and many more are available.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Zeblade Crystal has a Curved 3D glass on the face of the watch which not only adds to the look of the device but also the feel when using the smartwatch.

If you want to pick up the Zeblade Crystal, you can do so by clicking on the button below.


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