Hyper Cloud Drone Review!

There are a number of gaming headsets available in the market ranging from 500 and going towards 20,000INR. If you are a casual gamer like most of us, You would want a pair of headphones with a decent mic and a headset which could give you surround sound so that you can hear all the footsteps as well. So today I am going to review a very popular headset amongst gamers, the Hyper X cloud drone which claims to do all of this.

Box Contents

In the box, you get the headset itself and a quick start manual. It has a 1.5-meter cable and I feel it is a bit small for PC gamers. I would have liked an inclusion of an extender cable. Also, the headphones feature a single 3.5mm jack which has connections for both the mic and the speakers. So a splitter would have been a great as well. A splitter would have separated the mic cable from the headphones cables, This is necessary for PC gamers.

Build Quality

The headphones are made up of good quality plastic and apart from the mic, You won’t find any piece of metal. These are Closed Back over-the-ear headphones because of which they have excellent noise-isolation. However, When listing on high volume, There seems to be good amount of sound leak. The cushions on these are very soft and have a leather cover on them. You can wear them for hours and you won’t feel any fatigue.

Sound Quality

I have tried many pairs of gaming headset but I haven’t found any which is as good as these in gaming. You can hear every footstep well and you can easily figure out where the other opponent is. The audio of other players are also heard well. In short, These are great for playing games. It has surround sound and the audio is sharp and clear.


As these are gaming headphones, you should not expect some great music output. They lack bass so hearing any bass heavy songs feels stupid. It’s not that they suck in outputting music it’s just that they aren’t the best choice for this. You can still hear songs but if you are buying them just for listing to songs then please DON’T. There are many headphones in the market for listing to music.

Volume Control

You get a dial to control the volume on the headphones itself. It is a great feature as there are sometimes in games when you need to increase/decrease the volume as per the gameplay. I was playing CS:Go and wanted to hear the footsteps behind the wall so I instantly increased the volume and guess what, I found that the whole team was there and was able to inform my team before hand.


The Microphone on this is decent enough and is fine for gaming. You do get a bit of background noise here and there but overall the mic is good. Just don’t use it for the song you always wanted to record.


These feature a 1.5M braided cable. As I said before the wire is a bit small. The wire is thick and can handle a good amount of tension So it won’t be breaking anytime soon.

Final Verdict!

If you are looking for a gaming headset in a budget of up to Rs 4000, then these are the Best you can get! They are comfortable, functional and have features which you expect from much higher end headphones.

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