Marshmallow on Mi3 – When will you get it?


Xiaomi Mi3 have been one of the most talked device since its launch. Its Specs features and sales everything was exceptional. Mi3 came with Android 4.2 jellybean which was obsolete at that time as kitkat already was available. Last year Google launched the Android Lollipop and it was no where to seen. Now recently Xiaomi launched MIUI 7 which was ironically launched on kitkat and not on Lollipop. When asked, Xiaomi said “We tend to create a ROM which stands out of the crowd which its customization capabilities and smoothness. It does not really matters which version it runs on as the MIUI will work and feel the same”. Well I agree on it partially as MIUI is heavily skinned and we can’t really find and feature of kitkat or lollipop on the MIUI 7. So today I will tell you how you can get Marshmallow on MI3.

Get Marshmallow on Xiaomi Mi3


How it works

First of all let me tell you how Xiaomi ROM works. Xiaomi has its own Custom ROM named MIUI in which MI stands for the Xiaomi while UI is User Interface. MIUI is known for its features such as one-handed mode, plenty of customization, smoothness and the soothing effect which we can feel while using it. If you are following Xiaomi you might know that Mi4i came with MIUI 6 based on lollipopĀ out of the box while Mi4 had MIUI 6 based on kitkat. If you place both the phones side by side you won’t be able identify which phone runs kitkat and what runs Lollipop because they had skinned it so heavily. Now Even If Xiaomi launched MIUI 7 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow you won’t be able to find any major difference except some Android 6.0 exclusive features. The ROM would look, feel and even perform almost the same. If you still want to update your Mi3 to Marshmallow then follow the next step-

Installing a Custom ROM

A custom ROM is any aftermarket ROM which you can Install on your phone. If you want to get Android Marshmallow the stock way ( Similar to nexus) then you have to install a custom ROM.

Sadly there isn’t any stable Custom ROM right now present for Marshmallow but you can get some beta CM13 ROMs which can give you a Pure Android Marshmallow experience. If you want to know when will the Stable version release, you can subscribe to our newsletter and we will mail you once the stable version is available.

I hope know you know how you can get Android Marshmallow on Mi3.

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