Here’s how to Unlock Windows 10’s powerful, GodMode


GodMode is nothing new to Windows tinkerers and hackers. This powerful tool that unlocks many powerful hidden features in Windows, and that is still present in Windows 10.

To put in simple terms, GodMode unlocks a centralized table of contents of all Windows’ long-forgotten features and customization options, putting all the options together in a single place and sorting them by tweak types. Once you get an experience for yourself, you’ll be returning to this for the rest of your life.

Activating god mode is easy: Just create a new folder and rename it to the following


Make sure you include the period after “GodMore”. And while this hack is known as GodMode for references to video games, you can rename it to whatever you want, just replace the “GodMode” part of the code.


Once you are done, click Enter, the icon should transform to look like Control Panel. Open it by double-clicking and check out the options available. You can move the icon to anywhere on your hard-drive if you prefer a cleaner desktop. A fair warning, if you have no idea about an option please refer to the notes and keywords in GodMode, if you mess up something, we are in no way responsible for your damages virtual or otherwise. GodMode takes full root control of your PC, so, just be careful.

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