Guide : Boot OnePlus 2 into Bootloader/ Fastboot


Finally OnePlus has launched their new flagship, the OnePlus 2 however it comes with OnePlus’s Oxygen OS which can not be everyone’s choice. So today we are going to tell you how to Boot your OnePlus 2 in to bootloader or Fastboot so as to install a custom Rom. With fastboot mode, one can easily run the ADB commands from the PC and manage the Phone. With Fastboot mode, one can easily lock and unlock the bootloader and install the custom Recovery. The process is very easy and takes a few seconds, yes few second to boot any phone into bootloader mode.

You can enter the bootloader mode with two methods, in one method you can use the phone hardware button and in the other method you need to run ADB commands from your PC or laptop. So today we will show you bot the methods to boot into the bootloader and fastboot.

First Method to boot into the Bootloader

With Physical buttons of your OnePlus 2

When your phone is switched off, simply press the Volume Up Button + Power button both together until you see the screen. Now your phone is in the fastboot mode. Yeah, I know that was simple.

Second Method to boot into the Bootloader

Using ADB Commands

For this you need to have the US drivers of the OnePlus 2 installed, If you don’t have them, just comment down and I will make sure that a tutorial for it is installed.

Now go to Settings → About → Tap the build number 7-8 times

Now go back and you will find an option named “developer Options”, Click on it and you will find an option named “Enable USB Debugging”, just toggle it. If you get any type of warning, just press “Ok”.

Now connect your OnePlus 2 to the PC with USB cable.

Now in your PC, Open the folder where ABD is installed and right-click to open the Command prompt. Now Run the following commands

adb reboot bootloader

oneplus adb

Now you will see your OnePlus 2 to boot in Bootloader mod

Do let me know if you faced any difficulty in it.


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