Gul Panag launches MobieFit FirstRun – A new way to be Fit

Today, At Mumbi, MobieFit is a brand Co- founded by Gul Panag, It has a little better way of being fit than the conventional apps. FirstRun took my attention as I am not really a fitness freak and even after trying some fitness bands, I was still not able to get in the right form. The conventional apps usually measure the steps and forces you to run for more distance as well as speed. FirstRun does not focus on speed or distance, instead just encourages people to run for a set time.With a combination of walking and running, the app ensures that exercising becomes easier for users at any stage of fitness or the lack of it.

(L-R) Gul Panag Launches The FirstRun Application At SoFIT, Sofitel Mumbai BKC  (2)

Users can select from two running programs: a 5 kilometre program (based on Josh Clark’s world-renowned C25K program) and a 10 kilometre program. The most unique feature of the app is the personal trainer, Gul Panag. A personal trainer guides users through the process, ensuring motivational levels never drop. Gul is the in-app personal trainer for the 5K and 10K programs, giving runners essential tips along the way. This feature really makes the App stand out from the other crowd.

(L-R), Chef Prakash Lopez, Chef Prathamesh Gawade with Gul Panag at the FirstRun Application at SoFIT, Sofitel Mumbai BKC
(L-R), Chef Prakash Lopez, Chef Prathamesh Gawade with Gul Panag at the FirstRun Application at SoFIT, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Some other features of the app are Treadmill mode for indoor running and in-built music player.

On this Occasion, Co-Founder Gul Panag said-

I wish I had access to this kind of technology when I started running. If I had the support of a fantastic app like FirstRun, I would have definitely struggled less to run my first 3 miles.

Over the years, I have seen how important it is to bring fitness into our lives. I have witnessed first-hand the positive transformation it has brought in those close to me.”

Co-Founder Gaurav Jaiswal added

FirstRun doesn’t just log your runs. It coaches you to run. While I’ve led an active life and been involved in many fitness activities, I was never a runner. This is what took me in nine weeks into running 5km.

FirstRun seems to have a good potential, It has some great features that are actually going to help the users. If you want a full review of the App in App of the week section, do let us know.

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