XIAOMI REDMI 1S goes live on overcart.com

Redmi 1S was the game changer in mid-range segment, no doubt in that and was also the phone which made Xiaomi’s  roots strong in India. Chai Wala to Software Engineers everyone are the proud owners of this. Even though it has got a successor, still there is lot of demand for this beautiful piece. Are you also in need of this? There is a way to buy even more at even more cheaper price and still carrying company’s warranty. Let’s go.

Overcart is one of India’s first liquidation services provider and works with leading ecommerce companies and manufacturers.  Through its Overcart.com portal, the company liquidates excess, unboxed, and refurbished stock directly to end-users and helps its client companies realize better value for their unsold inventory. These products are virtually new or with minor issues which are repaired by the manufacturer or authorised service centre, and are offered on Overcart.com at significant discounts after a thorough quality check.

The sale of Redmi 1S started today at 2.00PMand lasted for 2 hours and now is open for all, you can buy Redmi 1S at merely 4599 INr for refurbished and 4,999INR for unboxed. These devices do cover 6-months manufacturer warranty.

Commenting on the sale,Saptarshi Nath, Managing Director, Overcart.com said, “We are confident that this sale will also be as widely accepted and successful as the earlier ones. The stock is limited and will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. We recommend that buyers should work at staying online consistently well prior to the sale, ready for purchase.We look forward to more such festivals of shopping deals for Xiaomi in the next few weeks.”

What are you waiting for? If you are also admirer of Redmi 1S still there is a chance for you.


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